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​​​​​​​​​​​​Share Your Site

Before an external user can be added to your site, we recommend that they follow the instructions to sign up for access by creating a profile (Dewberry staff don't need to create a profile - see instructions for inviting Dewberry staff at the end of this page).

Email new external users and instruct them to go to the sign up page on, which has instructions for how to set up a profile. Below is a sample message that you can use as a template to introduce people to your team site; especially those who have not yet created a profile.


In order to be added to the <site name> team site, you'll need a profile on the Dewberry Projects2 server.

If you already have a profile, you do not need to create a new one. If you don't already have a profile, please create one by following these directions:

Once you've created your profile, send me an email letting me know and I’ll add you to the <site name> site and send you the site address.


<site adminstrator name>

Next, to invite a user with an existing profile to your team site - from the Site Actions menu, select Site Permissions.

Figure 1) Site Action Menu

Click the group to which you want to invite users, typically the Members group.

Figure 2) Site Permissions

Now click Add Users from the New menu.

Figure 3) Add Users
This will show the Grant Permissions dialog box. Click the browse button.  

Figure 4) Grant Permissions

This opens the SharePoint People Picker control. Here you can search for users by email address.

Figure 5) People Picker

There are two providers for user accounts. The first is Dewberry ADFS, which provides user access via your Dewberry credentials - use this ONLY for Dewberry employees with valid email addresses. The second is a custom provider called Shetab Live Authentication, which allows a site owner to grant access to users having a Microsoft account.

To add an external user, you have two options. 

  1.  RECOMMENDED METHOD   We recommend emailing your team and encouraging them to create profiles before inviting them to the site. If the user already has set up a profile, you can search by his name or email address.  If an existing account is found, it will show up beneath the heading "Live Users: Shetab Live Users" (figure 6).

  2. If you search by email address and the email address is not currently used by a verified account, you'll get a result under "Live eMail: Shetab Live Users" of the form " (anyone who verified)".  You can select this email and add it to your list of invitees.  The user will get an email at that address.  He will then click on the link to your site and be directed to the sign on page.  He can then follow the same sign-up process as described in Sign up instructions.  Note:  a user invited in this way must ensure that the email address in his profile matches the email address which was used to invite him to the site.

Figure 6 illustrates a search result for a verified Shetab Live user.

Figure 6) People Picker Search (Shetab Live Users)

​To add a Dewberry user, you must use the user's exact email address associated with his or her Dewberry domain account.  You can and should look up the person's correct email address in Outlook as occasionally it may not follow the typical pattern.
To search for a user click the People Picker button (looks like an open book) (Figure 7). 

Figure 7) Select Users
Then type the user's email address and hit the Enter key or click the magnifying glass icon.
Note that two results were returned (Figure 8) for a search on "", one for "Live eMail: Shetab Live Users" and one for "Dewberry ADFS".  Select the "Dewberry ADFS" user to add a Dewberry user. Note: ONLY use Dewberry ADFS for Dewberry staff, DO NOT use this provider for external email addresses - it will not work.
Once you've found the user you are looking for, select their account on the right side of the people picker and click Add ->
Figure 8) People Picker search



Enter email addresses for Dewberry users and unregistered external users carefully.  If you search for and add an incorrect email address, the process will appear to complete correctly.  Of course, the user will not be notified and the account will not be valid. 

If an invalid email is used, you will not be notified of the failure.  However, the SharePoint administrator will get a notice of the undeliverable email and will contact you to notify you of the error.