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1. Users and roles

Users may be assigned to one or more roles, including Site Collection Administrator, Site Owner, Site Member, and Visitor.  A user’s role determines what rights the user has and whether the user may grant rights to others.  A Site Owner may authorize access to a site to anyone with an account in specified Dewberry domains or to an external user who has created an account on the system.   It is the responsibility of the Site Owner to remove users from sites when the user is no longer a valid member of the site.

Note:  Typically a Site Collection Administrator is also a Site Owner for sites within his/her site collection(s).  For purposes of this document, Site Owner is understood to include Site Collection Administrators.

1.1 Dewberry users

Dewberry employees who have a Dewberry domain account and a Dewberry email address, may be granted access to sites on using that account.

Authentication for external users is accomplished using third party identity providers.  The two supported third party identity providers are Google and Windows Live.  An external user must sign up for access and verify their email address. 

Site Owners are responsible for ensuring the identity of any external user he/she adds to a site and that the external user is aware of his/her roles and responsibilities as related to the respective site.  It is also the responsibility of Site Owners to instruct external users how and where to register for an account and to ensure that a user has verified his/her email address before adding the user to a role within a site. 

1.2.1 External user registration

External users should be directed to visit and to follow the instructions on how to sign up for access.   External users are required to have an account on one of the following identity providers in order to sign in:

  • Windows Live
  • Google

See External user sign up instructions for more details.

2. Site Collection Provisioning

The responsibility of provisioning new site collections is limited to individuals in the Information Technologies department who have been granted the appropriate permissions.   

2.1 Requesting a site

To request a site on, fill out the Dewberry Helpdesk form and request a Project Team Site and choose "" from the listed choices. 

2.2 Site creation

It is the responsibility of the Site Collection Administrators or Site Owners to create individual sites within their site collection. Note that any additional sites will not increase the quota for the site collection. The site collection quota is shared between the parent site collection and all the sites contained within it, therefore it is advised to only create the sites that are needed.  It is the responsibility of the Site Collection Administrator to regularly review sites and to remove any that are no longer needed in order to free up space.

2.3 Deletion of Site Collections and Sites

In order to ensure sufficient storage capacity, it is the responsibility of the Site Collection Administrators and Site Owners to manage the allocated storage, which includes deleting any site collections, sites, and or data that are no longer required.

If a site collection remains inactive for 120 days the Site Collection Administrator may be alerted. If no response is received, the site collection is subject to being made read-only. If, after repeated attempts to contact the Site Collection Administrator, no further response is received, then the site is subject to deletion. If no Site Collection Administrator can be identified, then a sponsoring business unit or other identifiable unit will be contacted.

3. Site Collection Quotas

All site collections are subject to a storage quota.  Site quotas are based on the categorization of the requested site collection.  Site collections are intended to be used for ad hoc collaboration including file sharing, calendars, task and issue management, et cetera.  Site collections are not to be used as long-term file storage.  Based on historical usage patterns, the default quota for a new site collection for the purpose of ad hoc collaboration is 1 GB.  The quota applies to the main site, any sub-webs, and the user recycle bin.  The site collection (or second-stage) recycle bin does not count against the storage quota.

3.1 Quota Increases

Storage quota increases will be considered upon request where justification for the increase is provided. Requests for quota increases should be submitted to the Dewberry Helpdesk.

3.2 Policy review

The storage quota policy is subject to review periodically and may change.